Investor Relations


Harte Hanks is dedicated to operating in the best interest of our shareholders, by maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance. While our policies are consistent with the corporate governance rules of the OTCQX Exchange, they also reflect our commitment to serve Harte Hanks shareholders with honesty, fairness and integrity.

Any party interested in communicating with our Board, including any individual director, the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman or the directors as a group, may send such communications by mail to Harte Hanks, Inc., Attn: Corporate Secretary, 1 Executive Drive, Suite 303, Chelmsford, MA 01824. Any such correspondence should be addressed to the Board or any individual director by either name or title. All such communications will be opened by our Corporate Secretary or the secretary’s designee for the sole purpose of determining whether the contents represent a message to our directors. Any contents that are not in the nature of advertising, promotions of a product or service, or patently offensive material will be forwarded promptly to the addressee. In the case of communications to our Board or any individual director, our Corporate Secretary will make sufficient copies of the contents to send to each director to which the envelope is addressed.